I can SURF the LAKE!!!

This is the closest to surfing and standing on a lake. Arrived yesterday (1 day earlier than expected, albeit went to neighbor's house, kind neighbors - and honest). Tested on today's wind, waves, and current - the strongest I've experienced so far on Lake Perris (a dozen times total, you decide if that's enough to evaluate lake conditions here). Anyway, for such a choppy lake day, I only fell once off the board and another time on my knees on the board. Padding is great, paddle floated when I fell off, ocean bag stayed in bungee cords (so did my flip flops), leash stayed in tact and performed its purpose, fins and shape work pretty good maneuvering considering such a strong current. I will say, I felt like I wasn't moving at times but it was the lake conditions - and nothing leaked, like I said, I stayed on board pretty much, and only thing I'd change = next time, I go wearing a life vest. Perhaps, for my heavier set family members and/or for a trip around the lake that doesn't allow me to feel every wave of the lake, perhaps I'll plan in 2021 to add another wider/heftier paddleboard to the mix. As a surfer, I absolutely loved the feel of riding the waves on a lake. I'd be less confident doing this on an ocean, until I can solidify my personal paddleboard skills. AWESOME buy for an AWESOME price. (less than Costco board, AWESOME accessories - shoulder strap is my absolute fave, and manual hand pump worked perfectly and fast, for not being an electric pump. So, yeah!

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Great SUP Board at a great price!

I just started paddle boarding again after a few years and this board is a great! It handled itself well in a rough river with a fair amount of boat traffic with ease. It is very maneuverable and fast enough to get where you want. It is a little smaller than some of the other boards I’ve used... I’m 5’10 and I suspect I am at the upper end for this board... but for one person it works very well. (Well, one person and a small dog will fit as well)There is still plenty of room for storage. The included accessories are quite handy, especially the straps. It comes with a hand pump, but do yourself a favor and buy an electric one. Save your energy for paddling. The whole board seems well made. I used to think that inflatables were not as good as solid boards, but this is one is an all around great board for a fraction of the cost of a solid board. I look forward to many more enjoyable paddling experiences on this board.

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