DAMA is a young sports brand. We are committed to provide diverse products. whatever you are or wherever you are from, even no matter how old you are, you will find one the best suitable for you. We don’t make any definition of youth, it’s up to you to decide. We can always enjoy the passion in our everyday life with DAMA paddle board yourself or with your friends, couple and family. We hope more and more friends keep exploring themselves and never limit yourself

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 I can SURF the LAKE!!!

This is the closest to surfing and standing on a lake. Arrived yesterday (1 day earlier than expected, albeit went to neighbor's house, kind neighbors - and honest). Tested on today's wind, waves, and current - the strongest I've experienced so far on Lake Perris (a dozen times total, you decide if that's enough to evaluate lake conditions here). Anyway, for such a choppy lake day, I only fell once off the board and another time on my knees on the board. Padding is great, paddle floated when I fell off, ocean bag stayed in bungee cords (so did my flip flops), leash stayed in tact and performed its purpose, fins and shape work pretty good maneuvering considering such a strong current. I will say, I felt like I wasn't moving at times but it was the lake conditions - and nothing leaked, like I said, I stayed on board pretty much, and only thing I'd change = next time, I go wearing a life vest. Perhaps, for my heavier set family members and/or for a trip around the lake that doesn't allow me to feel every wave of the lake, perhaps I'll plan in 2021 to add another wider/heftier paddleboard to the mix. As a surfer, I absolutely loved the feel of riding the waves on a lake. I'd be less confident doing this on an ocean, until I can solidify my personal paddleboard skills. AWESOME buy for an AWESOME price. (less than Costco board, AWESOME accessories - shoulder strap is my absolute fave, and manual hand pump worked perfectly and fast, for not being an electric pump. So, yeah!





YEAR 2019

DAMA have just step out and you will see everything that immature.



Hot summer is a good time for surfing. Get your surfboard, move your body with waves.


Traveling is a journey to discovering yourself and making new memories.


Focus on breathing, focus on your body, focus on your inner self.


Family is the most important part in our life and amazing life episode.



The sea is so beautiful, quiet and mysterious. different people find different beauty of it. Let’s go and explore more.


The river flows quietly, flashing the sparkling water light, just like flashing bright eyes, gazing at the beauty of the mountains.


When the first ray of sunshine in the morning shines into the valley, the whole world seems like paradise.


When the water is calm, the pond is like a mirror, reflecting the posture of blue sky and white clouds.

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It depends on the weight of the user. The best on the pump is at 15 psi and that is for the maximum weight person, and normally 12 psi is enough which is below the recommendation for full weight.
1.Make sure the knob on the double side at beginning because it can inflate when you push or pull it, it will be quickly when the board have no air inside. After the board full of air, change to single side, then it will inflate just when you push it, that can help us save energy and easy to put in the air to the end.
2.Check the board well before getting into the water. 1) Use the soapy water applied around the valve or the board side to check if it is leaking. 2) Inflate and wait for about 2 hours to see if the pressure can stay a normally time.

The 9’6” is short and best for surfing, with the bamboo nature, you can enjoy the small waves, enjoy the feeling that the water surrounds you, the proud of conquering nature. It helps us retrieve the feeling of integration with nature, we all born from there.
Yoga SUP: 10’or 11’Yoga stand up paddle boards provide a stable and comfortable platform for your yoga flow or fitness routine.
Couple SUP:12’2” stand-up paddle boards comes for you and your friends/partner/children/pets, accompany a good time with your important people in life.
Touring SUP:10’/11’/12’2” Touring boards have a unique nose shape and are constructed for long distance expeditions and flat-water paddling. Wide enough for long time traveling.
All Around SUP: 10’ are the most versatile type of stand-up paddle boards and are perfect for a variety of SUP activities. Friendly for beginners and easy to control for the first time.

Yes, the paddle is floating. Please do not worry. We mostly use the hollow paddle made with Aluminum, so that it is super light and full of cotton inside to avoid sinking. We have tested it outside on a lake and leave it on the water, and our DAMA paddle board is floating all day. So don’t worry about it.
TIPS:You can take a good rest without worry about it will dropping and sinking, but we still suggest that you can put it on the elastic rope when you did not use it.
For the paddle, the knob can be easily adjusted. You can turn the knob counterclockwise, then the height can be adjusted. When it comes to a most suitable height, turn the knob clockwise. If one circle is not enough, keep turning the knob until the fixed top joint does not shake. For the last, fix the knob and it will be ok.
It is ideal to adjust the paddle to the height about 4 inches more than your head. Of course, it is not a must. A situation that you are feeling the best is great.

Taking care of your SUP is pretty easy, with little regular maintenance required. But to keep your board in tip-top shape for as long as possible, here’s some simple things to be aware of:

Don’t expose your board to sunlight for too long, as this can cause permanent damage. Store indoors, in the shade, or in a reflective bag when not in use.
After paddling in the ocean, rinse your board and all accessories with fresh water. Failing to rinse-off salt and other debris can weaken seams and damage your board’s material over time.
Regularly check for cracks, scrapes, or any other issues. The faster you identify a problem, the quicker it can be fixed to avoid too much long-term damage.


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