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First, the look of this stand up paddle board — I love the phauxny wood! My husband thinks it's fakey but I'm really drawn to the pseudo wooden surfboard look with that relaxed island feel contrasted with a fresh aqua color. My sons love it too, especially my teen who wears puka shells and plays ukulele.

This board is a smaller SUP at 9'6" long and 30" wide but is well proportioned for stability and maneuverability. Likely I will be sharing this one with with my youngest son as soon as we get some sun on our lakes. He's a little 10 year old and I'm 5'2" and average build. The hull is rounded but is slightly more pointed than an average all-around style, but not as streamlined as a touring board.

This pumps up quickly with the included pump (about 5 minutes). The PSI is easy to read and it's a no brainer as far as how much air to put in. The valve has a twist lock for easy pumping. There is also a locking pin under the valve cover for easy deflation.

The smaller side bite fins underside are protected with styrofoam blocks. The main fin is removable from its slide-in fin box. It has a pin to hold it securely in place.

The deck is even and the marine grade EVA foam has good density, and is cut in a slatted design for style and good grip. The vinyl is heavy duty and the welds are leak free. The bungee cord is durable; D-rings are strong and seem to be of a corrosion-resistant finish.

The coiled ankle leash is good quality and swivels well at both ends.

A repair kit is included with two patches. There is also a waterproof phone/valuables pouch.

The paddle has a really nice contoured offset that looks efficient. The assembly is different to my other paddle that came with a different board, where there is a collar that needs pulling off the shaft to unlock the double pins that hold it in place. My other has a flip lock, similar in style that you might find on a camera tripod leg. In any event, it is secure and sturdy and makes for a good adjustable length paddle.

The included bag is roomy and fits everything inside easily (paddle, pump, etc.). One package is all you'll need to stow or pack down to the bank. The shoulder straps are lightly padded and adjustable; there is a pocket on one side. There are also cinch straps on each side to compress your load for easy carrying, or to secure your disassembled paddle to your pack while it supported by the pocket at the base.

I really love this board in style and size. Dig the wooden vibe and the DAMA brand name, and can't wait to try some SUP yoga on this as soon as the weather heats up.

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