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The paddle was a big draw for me because of the multi-function. I really like that. The pump is slow but dual action speeds it up. The most important thing I realized is having enough air in the pump. We both thought our pumps were broken but then I watched a short YouTube video and realized we just were not inflating our boards enough. These inflated board need a lot of air. But mine is much faster. When we were portaging with them mine was also easier to carry because of the slim design. It looks nice. And the bag accessories work very well. It is easy to transport and my daughter likes it. Customer service has been great as well my first board had a hole in it. I spent the time to make sure I had it fully inflated and put it back in the water just to find two very small punctures that looked like a tiny staple went into it. We tried the patch kit. But the location of the holes was so odd I took a video and sent it to Dama. The adhesive didn't come with the board and when I did purchase the right adhesive the punctures are in such a bad spot, the curve of the outer edge, that it was impossible to lay flat. My husband helped me but he still really struggled and ultimately I didn't have confidence in our patch job so I don't know if I will take it out on any longer trips again.Customer service was very helpful though. I had videos and pictures of the problem and they offered to replace it at no charge. That was impressive. I have been waiting for my replacement board for months. Customer service has sent me updates periodically without inquiry. I like that because it means they are taking accountability and have someone tracking this issue. Hope to have a new board by spring and be back on the water.

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Great SUP Board at a great price!

I just started paddle boarding again after a few years and this board is a great! It handled itself well in a rough river with a fair amount of boat traffic with ease. It is very maneuverable and fast enough to get where you want. It is a little smaller than some of the other boards I’ve used... I’m 5’10 and I suspect I am at the upper end for this board... but for one person it works very well. (Well, one person and a small dog will fit as well)There is still plenty of room for storage. The included accessories are quite handy, especially the straps. It comes with a hand pump, but do yourself a favor and buy an electric one. Save your energy for paddling. The whole board seems well made. I used to think that inflatables were not as good as solid boards, but this is one is an all around great board for a fraction of the cost of a solid board. I look forward to many more enjoyable paddling experiences on this board.

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