Portable and easy to inflate/deflate/carry, now I’m envious of my kid’s board!

I bought the 9’6 inflatable paddleboard for my 13-year-old daughter (5ft, 110lbs). She is able to independently inflate it with the pump, deflate it, and carry it whether inflated or in the included backpack. Besides the fact that it is perfect for her, it is absolutely gorgeous with the faux wood grain and aqua color. It is winter and we haven’t taken it in the water yet but I can see from the thickness and the width that it will be fine for her. I like it so much that I have started to wonder if I should retire my hard board for an inflatable exactly like this. This is so light weight and easy to carry that I am truly considering getting myself one too.I’ll update once we get it out on the water, but I have been paddleboarding for years and can see no reason that this won’t be perfect for our needs.

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Great SUP Board at a great price!

I just started paddle boarding again after a few years and this board is a great! It handled itself well in a rough river with a fair amount of boat traffic with ease. It is very maneuverable and fast enough to get where you want. It is a little smaller than some of the other boards I’ve used... I’m 5’10 and I suspect I am at the upper end for this board... but for one person it works very well. (Well, one person and a small dog will fit as well)There is still plenty of room for storage. The included accessories are quite handy, especially the straps. It comes with a hand pump, but do yourself a favor and buy an electric one. Save your energy for paddling. The whole board seems well made. I used to think that inflatables were not as good as solid boards, but this is one is an all around great board for a fraction of the cost of a solid board. I look forward to many more enjoyable paddling experiences on this board.

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