A great way to Stand-up Paddleboard

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We bought this board for my 14 yo daughter who had tried the sport with friends last summer. The vast number of Inflatable SUP manufacturers was initially very daunting. We settled on DAMA based on their long time in the industry and the fact that they have been making these boards for many years. The Board comes with everything you need and some extras. The board itself, paddle, pump & waterproof bag are all high quality and have worked great. The carrying bag is well-sized for the board and all the contents. It's important features are all of good quality. The waste strap did not stay attached after one use, but this is not needed. The waterproof phone case is a nice extra, but the neck strap did not last for one use so would not recommend relying on this extra accessory. I would recommend getting a powered pump to make inflation easier and let you save your energy for boarding, though the hand pump does the job. My daughter (5'5, ~100 lbs) is able to carry the board whether packed or inflated using the well placed handles/straps. The cargo cords on the front are perfect for holding your food wear, waterproof bag or anything else you need to bring along. The size and shape of this board makes it very stable, but can still be maneuvered reasonably. My daughter loves this board and it seems like it will last her for a long time. I highly recommend this product to those taking up SUP-ing.



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